Street Entertainers Code of Conduct

Street entertainers of any type are expected to perform to a quality which reflects the council’s aims in regard to amenity and culture and must show a genuine intention to entertain.

Performances should not take place at The Cross, Chester.

Priority must be given to people with charitable street collection licences issued by the council. You must move on if requested to do so by the holder of such a licence.

Byelaws and police powers


Byelaws already exist which control the use of amplified equipment. Where the council considers that the noise gives reasonable cause for annoyance or nuisance, it may take action against an offender.


In some areas and with certain kinds of entertainment, the highway can become congested. If the police consider that there is an obstruction, they can move people on and/or, in some circumstances, prosecute offenders.

Street trading

It is illegal to sell items on the main city centre streets without a licence. As these licences are restricted in number, a street entertainer shall not sell any items whether connected with the entertainment or not, without a street trading licence.


There is a difference between street performing and begging. Displaying a rudimentary skill in the playing of a musical instrument or other entertainment may not prevent a person from being regarded as a beggar. It is an offence for any person to beg in a public place. The police can take action under the Vagrancy Act to apprehend or move on anyone who is considered to be begging.​​

The code in practice

  • The Council recognises that street entertainment provides pleasure to many people.
  • The Council is unable to grant specific permissions for street entertainers but would wish to encourage such entertainments provided that this Code is followed.
  • The Code seeks to ensure a reasonable balance between the needs of the street entertainers and those using the city centre, including traders and workers. As part of this, entertainers should co-operate with each other by sharing and rotating pitches.
  • Nothing in this voluntary code implies any consent of the Council to the street entertainment or limits the Council or any other agency in the exercise of its statutory powers and duties.
  • The Council disclaims any responsibility for any losses, costs, actions or damages arising out of the street entertainment.

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