Procurement Strategy and Guidance

​The Corporate Procurement Strategy outlines the procurement priorities and targets and shows how procurement will contribute to achieving the aims set out in the Corporate Plan.

European Union Procurement Thresholds

Where a single work involves more than one contract the estimated value of all contracts must be aggregated to decide whether the threshold is reached. Where the threshold is reached each of the works contracts will be covered by the rules except small contracts (known as small lots) the value of which falls below the de minimis level provided for in the regulations.

In determining whether the threshold has been or is likely to be reached for public supplies and services contracts the rules require aggregation:

  • Of the estimated value of separate contracts for meeting a single requirement; and
  • In particular defined circumstances, where a series of contracts or a renewable contract is entered into for supplies/services of the same type during a 12 month period.

Where a public authority is divided into a number of discrete operational units with devolved authority to decide independently whether to enter into procurement contracts, then aggregation need only be applied to each unit. In other cases (i.e. where authority is not devolved) the public authority as a whole must be considered for aggregation purposes.

Other public sector contracting authorities

  • Supplies: £164,176
  • Services: £164,176
  • Works: £4,104,394
  • Light touch regime: £589,148

Sustainable Procurement

This Guide to Environmental Procurement has been written as a guide to environmental issues which affect all organisations that are carrying out work for the Council. The guide aims to make firms more aware of the environmental impact of their actions and the way they work, for example their purchases and transport requirements.

This guide provides notes on environmental issues and highlights areas that all organisations should consider. The guide also details the Council's commitment to the environment and explains how environmental issues are coordinated throughout Council contracts.

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