Personal Education Plan

Every child or young person who becomes a Child Looked After (CLA) has to have a Personal Education Plan (PEP) in place. The PEP is initiated by the child/young person’s social worker.

How the Personal Education Plan process works

1. Child is becoming looked after (BLA) or comes into care in an emergency – PEP is initiated by the social worker* on Liquid Logic and sent securely** to education setting *** designated ​practitioner/teacher/person

2. Social worker contacts education setting and other relevant professionals to arrange initial PEP meeting. This should take place within 10 days and prior to initial CLA review.

3. Social worker generates a new PEP form each term, fills in up to the ‘PEP meeting’ point and e-mails it securely to the designated practitioner /teacher /person, 3 school weeks before the PEP meeting (or as soon as possible for initial PEPS).

4. Education setting designated practitioner/teacher/person prepares the PEP by hand filling the form in with the required information and bringing copies to the PEP meeting. (The designated practitioner/teacher/person does not need to wait to receive the PEP in order to do this).

5. Social worker records the information on the PEP at the meeting, with support from the designated practitioner / teacher / person.

Social worker and education setting set the date for the PEPs for current academic year (if summer term set date for autumn term PEP).

6. Social worker types up the PEP from the meeting onto Liquid Logic then sends out securely** to all attendees, ensuring child receives a copy.

7. Each term the process is repeated from step 3.

* For 16+ it will be the Leaving Care Worker/PA if 18+

** The form can be e-mailed directly from Liquid Logic. If sending from an e-mail with ‘Cheshire’ in the root to an e-mail with ‘Cheshire’ in the root it is secure (e.g. or Outside of this a secure e-mail system such as Egress or Voltage should be used.

*** For young children not yet in an Early Years setting the PEP should be sent to the Health Visitor and foster carers (and parents if appropriate) so they can prepare the information needed for the meeting. Social worker prepares any information they may hold about the child’s development. The above process is followed but without education setting input.​​​​​

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