Performance management and evaluation

​(i)  Annual review of Significant Partnerships

The Partnerships team has responsibility for instigating an annual review of the  viability and contribution of all significant partnerships.  As part of this process, an assessment will be made as to whether Cheshire West and Chester Council should continue with the existing arrangements.  This will include consideration as to whether the costs of the partnership outweigh the benefits, as well as broader political and local political considerations.  All partnerships will be required to update the Partnerships Scorecard.  This information will be contained in an annual report to the Executive.

Partnerships Scorecard (PDF, 31KB)

(ii)  Performance Management by Partnerships

More specifically, performance (including financial performance) should be evaluated against set criteria at regular intervals and linked to outputs.  Some partnerships produce an annual report or annual delivery plan containing this information.  Performance results should be shared with partners and the evidence used to inform future activity.  New activities and decisions should be informed by quality intelligence.

Further guidance on Performance Management and Evaluation

(iii)  Developing and improving partnerships

It is important that the Council works towards continually improving the way that it works in partnership.  This involves continuing to play our part in the development of partnerships in accordance with best practice.  The Partnerships team will support this by establishing the values and working to create the right culture that underpins partnership work.  We will develop competencies that enable people to be effective in partnerships and offer training and development to support this.  We will also support our officers working on partnerships with timely and quality intelligence as well as legal, financial and audit advice so that they can contribute and challenge as appropriate.


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