Climate Change and Sustainability

​As a Council we work with the local community, schools, businesses, our partners and any other organisations to ensure we build a community in which people both want and are able to live both now and in the future.


​This means reviewing:
  • how we deliver our services
  • how we use natural resources such as paper, office equipment, plastics and other materials
  • how we buy materials and equipment
  • how much waste we are throwing away
  • how much water we use
  • how much energy we use in our buildings and in travelling between offices as well as to and from work

You can watch a film that shows what the Council is doing to promote sustainability on the Council's YouTube channel.

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Internal Energy Management

Cheshire West and Chester Council is looking to improve the effective management of the energy we use. We are creating a streamlined system of data management and energy security to comply with current legislation.

The associated reduction in the Council's carbon dioxide emissions will reduce the authorities own contribution to climate change. Investigations into renewable energy generation across Cheshire West and Chester are also being undertaken to provide clean power for service delivery and schools.

Low Carbon Communities Network

​The Network of over 30 groups, formed in 2008, was set up to support and help co-ordinate the efforts of the growing number of individual voluntary community groups taking action at grass roots level to make our communities more sustainable.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

​The Council have followed the Government’s guidance on how to measure and report greenhouse gas emissions using the 2013 figures from Gov UK and have reviewed back over three years to ensure compliance.

The Council’s emissions target is to reduce our global carbon and associated greenhouse gas emissions, Scopes 1, 2, and 3 by 30% from the baseline 2009 - 2010 year by 31 March 2015. We have achieved this in April 2014 and now need to maintain and improve upon the target.

The Carbon Management Board are responsible for the achievement of this target. The associated plan can be seen at Sustainable West Cheshire.

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