Winsford regeneration consultation - overview

​The traditional high street is changing and we want your views on how we revitalise it.

Shops alone can no longer guarantee healthy high streets. To be relevant - and thereby vibrant - town centres now need to offer a mix of uses as well as retail. Uses such as entertainment, leisure, housing, education, community and health facilities, arts and culture, and office space.

For Winsford to thrive, Cheshire West and Chester Council and its partners are developing a long-term investment strategy that balances opportunities and encourages positive growth. This strategy develops the vision and key themes raised as part of consultation on the Winsford Neighbourhood Plan, which identified the town centre as a priority. Having recently purchased the town centre, the Council now wants to focus on delivering the following benefits with the support of the community:

  • new public and private sector investment
  • creation of new local jobs
  • increased local spending
  • improvements to the local environment
  • improved perceptions of the town
  • improved local services
  • raised aspirations.



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