Tattenhall Park Primary School consultation - stage two

​This consultation is now closed.

Proposal to make a prescribed alteration to Tattenhall Park Primary School

School and Local Authority details

This proposal to make a prescribed alteration to Tattenhall Park Primary School, Chester Road, Tattenhall, CH3 9AH from 1 September 2018 is being published by Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council, HQ Building, 58 Nicholas St, Chester, CH1 2NP.  Contact Name and Address: Carolyn Davis, Senior Manager, Education Infrastructure. (HQ Floor 1), 4 Civic Way, Ellesmere Port, CH65 0BE.

The proposal

It is proposed to permanently expand the school from a capacity of 210 places to 315 places from September 2018.


An informal public consultation was carried out by the local authority during the period 26 September 2016 to 23 October 2016. A public meeting was held at the school on 17 October 2016. 

The outcome of the consultation was reported to Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council’s Director of Education on 1 November 2016. The report includes a summary of the written responses received. 

Description of alteration and evidence of demand

It is proposed that the school is permanently enlarged, adding a total of 105 places, increasing the published admission number of the school from 30 to 45 for Reception Year entry September 2018.  The published admission number for subsequent years would be 45 and the school would cumulatively grow to reach a total capacity of 315. The school would be provided with additional classrooms to accommodate the expansion. Additional accommodation will be provided to ensure an adequate infrastructure for the increased numbers.   Analysis of future demand for school places captured through collation of school planning data that analyses local birth rates, recent and proposed housing developments and patterns of parental preference suggests that this provision is required to ensure a local sufficiency of primary school places.  


This proposal seeks to ensure that all children are able to access a local school of their parent’s preference that is judged by Ofsted to be ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’. Ofsted consider this to be an ‘Outstanding’ school.   The school is currently over-subscribed in four out of seven of its year groups with a future shortfall of places in all year groups being forecast. The creation of additional places will enable more children to attend the school of their parent’s preference.

The effect on other schools, academies and educational institutions within the area

It is not considered that this will have a negative impact upon the four other schools in the local school planning area (as used by the Education Funding Agency for the purpose of school place planning), one of these schools is also proposed for expansion, all are considered too distant to offer a sustainable home-to-school travel alternative to the demand arising from the development of Tattenhall.

Project costs and indication of how these will be met, including how long term value for money will be achieved;

The budget for the project has been set at £1.2m. The final approach to design and cost will be determined through a feasibility study. Appropriate funding has been identified within the Education Funding Agency Basic Needs funded element of Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council’s capital programme. Building works will be commissioned through a process of competitive tender.

Implementation and any proposed stages for implementation

It is anticipated that if this proposal is approved by the Cabinet Member for Children and Families a scheme of building works will be procured and completed to enable occupancy of the expanded school from 1 September 2018. The proposal remains subject to planning permission.   It is proposed that up to 45 children would be admitted into the Reception Year in September 2018 and in subsequent years, allowing the school to grow to a total capacity of 315.

The procedure for responses: support; objections and comments

A public notice was published in a local newspaper on Thursday 8 December 2016 and is available on the Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council’s website: Within six weeks from the date of publication, any person may send in a response supporting, objecting or commenting on the proposal; The closing date for objections and comments is Thursday 19 January 2017

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