Redesign of early intervention and prevention services consultation

​This consultation has now closed.


Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council recognises the value and importance of a thriving third sector which is able to support the Council in meeting its objectives in promoting the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of citizens and communities within the Borough.

One of the key commitments within the Council's Corporate Plan 2016 - 2020 "Helping the Borough to Thrive" is to "Support the Community and Voluntary Sector to Thrive" in the belief that this, known as the third sector, is an important element of a strong society. The sector has a clear role in providing services as well as helping to shape policy and contribute to the development of stronger communities. The Council is committed to working with our local third sector partners and will be looking at ways we can strengthen the links and work in a more cooperative, collaborative way.

In line with the Council's ambitions detailed in the "Better Outcomes Plan for Older People and Vulnerable Adults", the consultation document explains our future commissioning intentions around Early Intervention and Prevention services. These services will focus on reducing demand on health and social care provision whilst ensuring that residents are able to stay as independent and as well as possible, for as long as possible.

The Council currently commissions a broad range of organisations to provide social care services around early intervention and prevention. The recent changes to adult social care funding and also the new responsibilities introduced as part of the Care Act 2014, mean that the Council needs to take a more strategic approach so that all of the adult social care services the Council commissions are targeted to meet our resident's needs and are consistent with the Council's Corporate Plan which was subject to wide public consultation ending earlier this year.

Purpose of the consultation

This is to enable you to:

  • comment on the types of services the Council is proposing to commission
  • influence the way early intervention and prevention services are delivered in the future
  • identify any gaps in proposed service provision
  • make suggestions to help improve services
  • provide opportunities for those with an interest to offer their opinions on proposals to change and improve services

What we are consulting on

We are redesigning our Early Intervention and Prevention services to ensure that they support residents to stay as independent and as well as possible for as long as possible and also reduce demand for more expensive, long term types of care.

The identified services range in scope from community good neighbour schemes through to services that support early hospital discharge. We are keen to hear your views to help us to ensure that over £1million of the £3.4million we have available is spent on services that meet the needs of local service users and their Carers. This funding includes an additional investment of over £1million by the Council. This has been made possible through the Council using its powers to raise an additional precept on council tax bills of two percent to enable additional investment to be directed towards supporting vulnerable adults.

As well as the redesign of our Early Intervention and Prevention services we also wish to consult on our future commissioning plans for Carers and also for the Healthwatch service. These services also make a significant contribution to prevention in enabling carers to continue to support adults who would otherwise need more formal care, by directing people to get the help they need and giving them a voice in how that help is delivered.

How to get involved

The consultation period runs from 13 July 2016 to 5 October 2016. Face to face discussions about our proposals will take place at partnership and "stakeholder" events throughout the period and with groups representing people who have particular needs or interests. We are really keen to hear from service users, future service users, Carers and service providers. Please do take this opportunity to respond in this timescale so that your views can be taken into account.

Please read the information in the consultation document before giving us your views.

You can either complete the online survey or print off the paper consultation document and post it to us. Paper questionnaires will be available at stakeholder and provider events.

Other ways to express your views

How your views will be used

We really want to hear what you think about our proposals. After the consultation ends on 5 October 2016, your views will be carefully considered and used to shape our future commissioning plans for this set of services. If necessary, and appropriate, we will review and adjust our proposals.

Further information

Council information is also available in audio, braille, large print or other formats. If you would like a copy in a different format, in another language or require a British sign language (BSL) interpreter:

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