Low Emission Strategy

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Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council wishes to consult with the residents, businesses and other key stakeholders within and around the borough, in connection with proposals for a Low Emission Strategy. The proposal is:

  • To produce a borough-wide Low Emission Strategy focused on reducing emissions from road vehicles and supporting more sustainable modes of transport with the ambition of improving the health of residents and reducing the number of deaths that arise every year attributable to poor air quality.

The consultation period will run from Monday 9 October 2017 to Friday 12 January 2018.

How to get involved

Before completing the survey please read the draft Low Emission Strategy. The Strategy was developed following the completion of a detailed background report and a Summary of this report is provided below as part of this consultation.

Taking part in the consultation

Complete the survey online:

Other ways to take part

We are interested to know your views on the proposed Low Emission Strategy and how you think it can be improved. Responses can be sent to

Paper copies of the consultation documentation are available upon request by contacting the Environmental Protection Team.

What happens next

Following the end of the consultation period a consultation report will be produced summarising relevant feedback and all views will be considered in finalising the Strategy. The consultation response will be published on the website.

Background information

Public Health England published a paper in 2014 confirming the view of the governments Air Quality Expert Panel, that concentrations of man-made fine particulate matter in air are resulting in a large number of premature deaths each year. The report states that poor air quality arising from fine particulate matter pollution has an equivalent effect of approximately 25,000 deaths a year in England and results in the hospitalisation of many more people. When nitrogen dioxide is taken into account, the numbers of early deaths increase significantly further. The cost of this to the national economy is estimated to be £16 billion a year when medical costs and lost productivity are taken into account.   The same report provides local estimates of the impact of poor air quality. Using the factors provided the number of equivalent deaths in Cheshire West and Chester arising from poor air quality is estimated to be 290 per year. Similarly for every premature death there will be an increase in the number of people requiring medical treatment.   Cheshire West and Chester Council believe that these figures are unacceptable and that there is a need to take action. The proposed Low Emission Strategy seeks to introduce measures to improve local air quality and in particular seeks to reduce road traffic emissions which are considered to be the single largest source of pollution within our towns.

Please note

We welcome views from all sections of the community and would encourage everyone to take part in this consultation. Note that the Council has a responsibility to make sure that its services are available to all, regardless of race, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, religion or belief or gender identity. Comments that are offensive to particular groups or considered inappropriate under the Equality Act 2010 will not be considered or published as part of this consultation.



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