Chester Town Hall Square

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​After extensive consultation with key stakeholders including two public consultation events held in unit 7 at the Forum on 30 and 31 May 2018 there is still an opportunity to give your views and comments on the Council's proposals for developing a concept design to attract investment for improvements to Town Hall Square. The plan is to create an attractive, high quality, vibrant environment which compliments the surrounding area.

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Chester Town Hall Square

Town Hall Square is the main civic square in Chester with many historic buildings. Improvements will help to support Chester's status as an international heritage city. Town Hall Square can attract people during the day and evening.

The Council's proposals for Town Hall Square aim to attract further investment from local shops and building owners.

The new designs will allow for a review of the historic street layout that was originally intended to support buildings that now no longer exist. The two proposals promote Town Hall Square as a pedestrian and cycle friendly space that still supports vehicles, better combining shopping, al fresco dining, residential and leisure activities.

The two proposals presented are a traditional and a green approach. Both proposals celebrate Storyhouse and the Cathedral as attractions and review the location of seating and bicycle racks to take advantage of the views of the historic buildings. Architectural lighting of the main buildings is also suggested to enhance the use of the Square during the evening. The introduction of a water feature is also common to both options.

Re-location of both the Stephen Broadbent 'a Celebration of Chester' statue and the Annette Yarrow sculpture of a bronze element calf are open for discussion.

The traditional approach suggests vehicle access and loading for services remaining unchanged. However, routes for vehicles would be more discretely marked. The green approach suggests introducing a vehicle turning point in the square and including additional planting that will provide alternative solutions for surface water drainage. The new turning point would allow for vehicle access and loading for services, returning to Northgate Street.


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