Air Quality Action Plan - Chester City Centre consultation

Consultation closed: 16 February 2020


Cheshire West and Chester Council has been monitoring air pollution levels in and around Chester city centre for a number of years. Due to elevated levels of the pollutant nitrogen dioxide (NO2), on 23 May 2017 the Council declared the whole of Chester City centre and stretches of major approach roads leading to the city an Air Quality Management Area. The main source of the pollution is traffic emissions and the Council have been exploring measures to reduce these emissions.

The Council were required to formulate an Action Plan to address this air quality issue and appointed a consultant, Bureau Veritas, to undertake this work. The consultant’s work was completed, and a report was produced recommending that further consideration is given to a series of measures that may improve local air quality in Chester city centre.

What was consulted on

The measures proposed in the Action Plan may improve local air quality, but there is the potential for some of those measures to impact on local residents and businesses.  Therefore views were sought on the proposed measures as well as any additional suggestions for improving air quality in Chester city centre.

How the consultation was carried out

The consultation was open for 16 weeks, starting on 29 October 2019 and closing on 16 February 2020. Consultation methods included an online survey and two scheduled drop-in events in Chester city centre. People were also able to respond by email, letter or telephone.

Consultation results and feedback

The results of the consultation and a link to the final Air Quality Action Plan can be found below. Please note that how the Council has considered and dealt with consultation responses is detailed in Appendix A of the Action Plan.

Further information

Other ways of accessing information

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