Citizens' Panel

​A Citizens' Panel is a cross section of local people who agree to take part in research and consultation with the council on a regular basis. Usually, people are selected at random and invited to participate. Panel members might fill in questionnaires, attend discussion groups and take part in other events. The topics discussed vary but generally revolve around local issues and council services.

Advantage of a Citizens' Panel

Seeking the views of local people means that the council is better able to target resources and develop services that meet local needs. The purpose of the panel if to find out in a cost effective way what local residents think about Council services and local issues. This helps the council to do the right things and feeds directly into the policy and decision making processes.

View West

A panel of about 2,500 local residents is managed by the Research, Intelligence and Consultation Team for the Council. Panel members have taken part in a number of surveys, discussion groups and other events.

Giving your View

View West is just one of the ways that we use to consult with local people. There are plenty of other opportunities for you to give us your views. Look out for local meetings or events, write to your local councillor or for other ideas take a look at our consultation page.


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