Children's Centre Profiles 2019

The Children Centre Profiles 2019 present intelligence at children's centre level, showing trends and data, along with a short interpretation of results.

The profiles come in two parts: the 'Strategic Overview'​​ looks at all centres providing a comparison of children's centres with each other and against England as a whole. The second part is a detailed overview for each grouping of centres, comparing data to Cheshire West and Chester as a whole and England.​​ Groupings are:

Blacon grouping - Blacon and Chester Victoria children's centre

Lache grouping - Lache and Kingsway and Upton children's centre

Rural grouping - Frodsham and Chester Rural children's centre

Stanlaw grouping - Stanlaw Abbey and Neston children's centre

Portside grouping - Portside and Parklands children's centre

Northwich grouping - Victoria Road, Leftwich and Barnton and Weaverham children's centre

Winsford grouping - Wharton and Greenfields children's centre

Children Centre Profiles Strategic Overview 2019 

Children's Centre Geographical Profiles of Need are also available.​

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