The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) brings together data and intelligence that helps us understand the needs of our local population. 

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Please note: Ward boundaries in Cheshire West and Chester changed in May 2019. This means that some products on this website produced before May 2019 contain statistics for wards that no longer exist and should be used with caution.


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Data and Intelligence

This section contains key data for Cheshire West and Chester across a variety of themes.

State of the Borough Dashboard  (key data in the following themes: population, inequality and deprivation, business and economy, skills and employment, health and wellbeing, crime, education, transport and connectivity, culture and tourism, housing, environment and community)

Population Estimates 2020​

Population Forecasts 2018​

Covid-19 statistics​

Poverty Research Pack 2022​

Paycheck 2021 Household Disposable Income​

CACI Digital Vulnerability Indicators 2022​

Indices of multiple deprivation 2019 

Ward profiles 2019​

Acorn ward profiles 2020

Acorn wellbeing ward profiles 2020 ​

Children centre profiles 2019

Census 2011 Note: The Office for National Statistics aim to release the first results for the Census 2021 in late Spring 2022.

Labour Market Profiles 2020​

Mortality and life expectancy report 2018


Needs Assessments

This section contains Joint Strategic Needs Assessments produced in the last five years.

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Starting Well

Living Well

Specific population groups​

Council performance

Resident and user views

​Resident views about the local area and services are available on Participate Now. This includes current conslutations and past consultations where findings can be viewed.

Participate Now​​​

Key strategies

Links to national resources


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