Chief Executive and Directors

Chief Executive: Andrew Lewis 

Responsible for all aspects of the running of the Council and schools.

Deputy Chief Executive - Health and Wellbeing: Delyth Curtis

This Directorate is responsible for Adult Social Care, Children's Service, Public Health and Schools. Reporting to Delyth Curtis are:

  • Director of Adult Social Care and Health: Charlotte Walton
  • Director of Children and Families: Helen Brackenbury
  • Director of Education and Inclusion: David McNaught
  • Director of Integrated Commissioning: Jennifer McGovern
  • Director of Public Health: Ian Ashworth​​

Deputy Chief Executive - Communities, Environment and Economy: Charlie Seward

This directorate is responsible for facilitating growth and prosperity across the borough and implementing the Council's Growth Strategy. Specific areas of responsibility include leisure and recreation, tourism, museums, property, markets, regeneration, housing, energy efficiency, employment and skills, planning and transport. Reporting to Charlie Seward are:

  • Director of Commercial Management and Delivery: Graham Pink
  • Director of Economy and Housing: Gemma Davies
  • Director of Environment and Communities: Maria Byrne
  • Director of Highways and Transport: Rose McArthur​

Chief Operating Officer - Corporate: Mark Wynn

Reporting to Mark Wynn are:

  • Director of Finance: Debbie Hall​
  • Director of Governance: Vanessa Whiting​
  • Director of Public Service Reform: Laurence Ainsworth

Senior Officer Salaries

Details of salaries paid to senior officers, as well as information relating to salaries over £50,000 can be found in the Open Data section​ of the site.

Declarations of interests

​Declarations of interests for the Chief Executive and directors are available to view:


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