Aims and Vision

Cheshire West and Chester Council is an organsiation that strives to provide excellent engagement with customers, individuals, communities and partners and deliver the highest quality of services to all stakeholders.

The vision for the authority is:
  • Customers first
  • Value for money
  • Best practice 

This vision will make a real difference to the customers and communities the Council serves.

Jobs and enterprise

​Promote economic growth, employment and investment to improve prosperity across our area and in particular in the most disadvantaged communities.

Key ​pledges

  • We will work with the business community to minimise the number of people who are out of work
  • We will support the creation of new businesses in the area

Children and young people

Safeguard and encourage our children and young people to secure their well being and develop the skills and opportunities they need to build positive futures.

Key ​pledges

  • We will improve educational attainment and school attendance across all ages and provide more support both for families and children who are looked after
  • We will seek to increase the number of 16 to 18-year-olds in education, employment or training

Safer and stronger communities

​Ensure that individuals and their communities are safe and secure, with reduced fear of crime and harm.

Key pled​ges

  • We will work closely with our partners especially in the Police, Probation Services, and voluntary sector to reduce offending, injury crime, arson and domestic violence and increase support for people who suffer from their effects
  • We will work closely with our partners and our communities to reduce anti-social behaviour and improve the way we deal with it

Adult health and wellbeing

​Improve health and wellbeing to help everyone live longer, safer, healthier lives; to ensure access to social care is fair and personalised, provided in the right place at the right time and with a focus on prevention as well as support; to ensure that people are better informed for making choices about lifestyle and the care they receive.

Key pled​ges

  • We will help people to stay healthier for longer and promote active ageing and independent living
  • We will facilitate access to a range of social care that is fair and personalised
  • We will work with service user, carer and partner organisations to achieve shared goals aimed at improved care, health and wellbeing

Environmental sustainability

​Build a clean, attractive and healthy environment for our people to live and work in with good quality housing and effective transport links, which meet the immediate and longer term needs of our rural and urban communities.

Key​ pledges

  • We will improve access to, and the availability and choice of an affordable and appropriate mix of housing
  • We will reduce waste and increase recycling
  • We will improve the standard of maintenance of public highways 

Resources and transformation

Make the best use of our resources to provide high quality services which deliver value for money and get things right first time.

Key p​ledges

  • We will make sure that our communities can inform and influence the decisions we take
  • We will increasingly ensure that customer queries are resolved at the first point of contact

Equality and diversity

​The Council recognises the importance of valuing diversity and tackling discrimination when delivering our services and addressing our pledges.

Key ple​dges

  • We will ensure that the design, delivery and commissioning of services are fair, equitable and accessible
  • We will enhance community cohesion and promote equal life chances for all

Corporate priorities

As a council we have a responsibility to lead and contribute to the development and delivery of the priorities contained in ‘Making It Local’. ‘Making It Local’ sets out six themes covering the range of issues the Authority and its partners are seeking to address.

The themes are based upon the issues that local people tell us are most important to them. The Corporate Plan identifies some specific pledges which will contribute to these themes. These key pledges are directly drawn from a selection of areas for improvement within the Local Area Agreement.

Innovation Unit

Would you like to make a difference in your neighbourhood or your street?

The innovation unit provide a foundation to help tackle issues in the community and deliver help to get ideas off the ground. Whether you want to provide activities for young people, support older people in your community or deliver a service yourself via a social enterprise, the Innovation Unit can make sure you get the help, information and support that you need.

You can submit your ideas and suggestions by:

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