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  • CWAC Play Strategy FINAL

    14 October 2016MOSS, Emma

    4 1.1 Introduction and rationale for the Play Strategy 4 1.2 Overview 5 1.3 Scope of strategy, aims and objectives 6 1.4 Policy statements 8 2 As such, a partnership approach is

  • CYP CSE July 2015 version

    21 June 2016PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Who is most at risk of CSE Child sexual exploitation can happen to any child or young person However, some may be more vulnerable as shown in the diagram This can lead to strain on

  • Debt Recovery Code of Practice b

    13 July 2015aq822k;BEAUMONT, Damian

    Revised June 2015 Cheshire West & Chester Council This code of practice will ensure that any use of recovery is consistent and complies with best practice and the relevant

  • Statement of Accounts 2009 - 2010

    30 September 2010lgolding;MOORE, Greg

    Cheshire West & Chester Council 2009-10 Accounts Statement of the Movement on the was a key component in the organisation‟s strategy to reduce legacy staffing levels to the

  • Executive Group Report 2009

    17 February 2010Laura Walton;MOORE, Greg

    of 4.0%. Connexions has implemented a NEET Strategy 2009-2011 and NEET Improvement Plan This strategy highlights the key issues Connexions and other partners need to address to

  • Rural Affordable Housing FAQs

    28 March 2014AE597C;DUTTON, Richard

    Affordable housing is part of a Government initiative designed to help individuals and families gain Documentation prepared by Housing Strategy, Cheshire West and Chester Council

  • ICT Strategy

    24 October 2016BEAUMONT, Damian

    Cheshire West and Chester Council’s ICT Strategy sets out how new technology will be used of which was a key achievement in the first year of delivering our Early Support Strategy

  • Health Improvement Strategy 2018-2022

    14 May 2019PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    fulfilling life (Health and Wellbeing Strategy, 2015-2020) The strategies contained within this document have been Each strategy highlights how we will

  • Executive Group Report 2010

    07 April 2010AP137W;MOORE, Greg

    Date of meeting: 10 February 2010 Report of: Head of Policy, Performance, Partnerships and Transformation Executive Member: Councillor Les Ford, Finance Portfolio Holder

  • Schools Forum papers 14 January 2019

    10 January 2019Charlotte Fenn;DUTTON, Richard

    Cheshire West and Chester Schools Forum Refreshments will be available from 4pm that the proposal had been taken to the Early Years Strategy group to seek their views