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  • Housing Strategy 2014

    02 July 2014MOORE, Greg

    This housing strategy is intended to provide a clear statement of the Council’s vision and But the housing strategy is not just about new homes; it also seeks to improve the quality

  • Further guidance performance management

    21 April 2011marie.coffey;MOSS, Emma

    Reshaping the Partnership Landscape Briefing Note 5 – April 2011 Delivering Outcomes in 1 Whereas Sustainable Community Strategies (SCSs), had for a number of years, provided a

  • 20160902-FinalWebQnnaire-v01

    09 February 2016ac370u;MOSS, Emma

    Draft Playing Pitch Strategy Review Background The primary purpose of the Playing Pitch Strategy (PPS) is to provide a strategic framework

  • Connecting the Atlantic Gateway Bid Application Form

    14 April 2014Department for Transport;MOORE, Greg

    Connecting the Atlantic Gateway LSTF 2015-16 Application Form Key “Connect to Jobs” Partners and that a legally compliant Procurement strategy is in place (see separate document

  • Rural Regeneration Strategy and Action Plan

    11 February 2015Cheshire West and Chester Council \(Spatial Planning\);MOORE, Greg

    be one of a series of strategies – including the Green Infrastructure Strategy, the Local Transport Plan and the Housing Strategy

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment Main Report

    07 April 2011UKRWB002;MOORE, Greg

    Appendix C – Draft Strategy Appraisal Matrices of two elements, the Integrated Transport Strategy (hereafter referred to as the Strategy) and the Implementation Plan

  • Schools Forum papers 14 January 2019

    10 January 2019Charlotte Fenn;DUTTON, Richard

    Cheshire West and Chester Schools Forum Refreshments will be available from 4pm that the proposal had been taken to the Early Years Strategy group to seek their views