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  • Winsford Formal Sport Study 2014

    06 March 2014Gemma Droughton;MOORE, Greg

    A. Detailed PPS and PPG17 analysis In January 2013 Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC Sport Study supports the Playing Pitch Strategy, Open Space Audit and Assessment of Need

  • Retention Schedule 14 - Human Resources

    03 February 2011AG261Q;MOORE, Greg

    Documentation relating to counselling offered to an employee Destroy - 6 years from termination of employment Destroy - 3 years from end of current tax Trade union liaison strategy

  • Children and Young People in Care

    25 October 2013Melanie;MOORE, Greg

    Equality analysis is a valuable tool to help embed equality into everything we do Corporate Parenting Strategy Board has a duty to actively safeguard and promote the

  • 1 - Chester Characterisation Study Introduction

    06 July 2012Spatial Planning;MOORE, Greg;DUTTON, Richard

    ƌƙƋĺ tŶĞt ŶĺƌŹtĞŬĺ ƥƋĞys Źƒ ƥƙƋŹĬy formulation and development and regeneration strategy When the Core Strategy is adopted this will provide over-arching policies on the historic

  • Recruitment Code of Practice

    24 March 2015Gateway Pre-installed User;MOORE, Greg

    practices that encourage applications which reflect the composition of the wider local will support the Council’s ‘Resourcing Talent Strategy’ and will be consistent with the

  • Schools Forum Papers 10 February 2020 - item 7

    31 January 2020CROSS, Michelle;MOSS, Emma

    Date: Friday 31 st January 2020 Dear Headteacher and Chair of Governors Proposed change to the Cheshire West and Chester Scheme for Financing Schools - The Delegated Revenue Budget

  • SEND consultation full document

    19 June 2019Jonathan Wilding & Donna Webster;MOSS, Emma

    Cheshire West & Chester Specialist Provision Strategic Review This is to ensure that the conducted in line with the Co-production Strategy which was developed by the Parent/Carer

  • Adult Social Care Survey 2011-2012 Key Findings

    23 January 2012Helen Lockett;MOORE, Greg;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Contact: Helen Lockett Phone: 01244 972889 Email: Reviewing our commissioning approach and shaping services around the stakeholder strategy