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  • Domestic Abuse Appendix

    22 September 2014BUTLER, Robert;MOORE, Greg

    Accessible form of the Power and Control and Equality Wheels referenced on pages 6 and 7 A relationship full of control is really out of control Making them feel like they’re crazy

  • Audit Letter 2013 - 2014

    20 October 2014Grant Thornton UK LLP;MOORE, Greg

    The Annual Audit Letter for Cheshire West and Chester Council Year ended 31 March 2014 Robin Baker Engagement Lead T 0161 214 6399 E 20 October 2014

  • Resources Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2016-2017

    16 February 2016at414q;GREGORY, Laura

    It is not acceptable to say that a policy is applied uniformly to all groups and is needs to be made on whether the policy has a positive, negative or neutral impact, and

  • Children and Young People Early Years Child Care

    03 May 2011ax228g;MOORE, Greg

    completing the form Name of a policy / procedure / function / project: Early Years and the Equality Impact Assessment process, is the policy (function, procedure etc.) relevant

  • Schools Forum Minutes 11 February 2019

    29 July 2019FENN, Charlotte;DUTTON, Richard

    Apologies were noted from Hilary Berry, David Bradburn, Greg Foster, Amanda Harrison, Duncan Haworth, Jason Lowe, Councillor Meardon, Ian Devereux Roberts, Sarah Worthington

  • 8 February 2022 – minutes

    05 August 2022FENN, Charlotte;DAWOOD, Ayesha

    Minutes of Cheshire West and Chester Schools Forum, virtual meeting, on 8 Cabinet Member for Children and Families Acting Head of Education and Inclusion It was noted that the spend