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  • Localities Public Memorials Assessment

    15 May 2012aw743k;MOORE, Greg

    What do you already know about the policy (decision etc), what are the main issues you Is the policy (function etc.) likely to have an adverse impact on any of the groups

  • Children and Young People Workforce Strategy

    03 May 2011ax228g;MOORE, Greg

    the Equality Impact Assessment process, is the policy (function, procedure etc.) relevant groups relevant to your service) Is the Policy/Function likely to have an impact on

  • Resources Discipline Procedure

    20 June 2014Rob Jones;MOORE, Greg

    It is not acceptable to say that a policy is applied uniformly to all groups and is needs to be made on whether the policy has a positive, negative or neutral impact, and

  • Housing Cheshire Sub-Regional Strategy Action Plan

    23 September 2009Helen Woollam;MOORE, Greg

    1.1 c Effective use of planning policy to secure additional affordable housing without the housing No uniformity of approach Uniform policy agreed and in use for ensuring any units

  • Northgate Executive Report

    29 October 2012Acme;MOORE, Greg

    May not be used, reproduced or modified without expressed permission in writing acme 7th November 2012 CHESTER NORTHGATE CHESHIRE WEST AND CHESTER EXECUTIVE REPORT Prepared

  • Local Plan - Part One

    19 July 2021MOSS, Emma;DUTTON, Richard

    Adoption The Local Plan (Part One) Strategic Policies was adopted at a special meeting of policies_plans_and_strategies/planning_policy/local_plan/local_plan__part_one