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  • Statement of Intent - Sustainability

    13 February 2015MOORE, Greg

    Visit: Statement of Intent - Sustainability Cheshire West and Raise awareness of this policy and related sustainability issues amongst its staff

  • Resources Recruitment and Selection Assessment

    17 December 2013Rob Jones;MOORE, Greg

    It is not acceptable to say that a policy is applied uniformly to all groups and is needs to be made on whether the policy has a positive, negative or neutral impact, and

  • Children and Young People School Meals

    03 May 2011ax228g;MOORE, Greg

    The Policy has a positive impact on Human Rights as it provides for specialist and how would you rate the impact of your policy/function etc. on any of the target groups

  • Procurement EU Rules Timescales

    23 July 2009David Wharton;MOORE, Greg

    Reduce to 45 days for electronic contract notice or 29 days with PIN Further reduce to 40 days for electronic tender documentation •Electronic communication – 7 day reduction for

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment Report

    06 April 2011UKSAN001;MOORE, Greg

    Table 1 represents those other plans and policies considered, CCW would suggest that a considerable number of additional plans, policies and programmes need to be considered

  • Governance Report Cheshire Pension Fund 2012 - 2013

    25 September 2013Grant Thornton UK LLP - Christine Thomson;MOORE, Greg

    Director T +44 (0)161 214 6369 E Executive T +44 (0)161 234 6395 E The contents of this report relate only to those matters which came to our attention during the conduct of our

  • Local Plan - Part Two

    13 September 2017MOSS, Emma;GREGORY, Laura

    Plan (Part Two) Land Allocations and Detailed Policies and would like your views on the draft policies and site allocations