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  • Benefit Fraud Prosecution and Sanction Policy

    11 February 2015Susan Hodgkinson;MOORE, Greg

    will be pursued in line with this Policy. 1.2 This Policy will be applied to any third party, which all of the previous requirements mentioned in this Policy must be satisfied. 5

  • Housing Allocations Policy

    06 October 2014ah607e;MOORE, Greg;MOSS, Emma

    This allocations policy will replace the existing Trust Home Choice policy on 1 October 2013 The overall aim of the policy is to ensure that social housing is allocated fairly and

  • Pay Policy Statement

    22 April 2020ptodd;DUTTON, Richard

    Pay Policy Statement 2020-21 A pay policy statement for a financial year may also set the Authority’s policies for the financial year relating to the other

  • Adult Social Care Workforce Strategy

    28 March 2013Burkett;BEAUMONT, Damian

    Cheshire West and Chester Council, in collaboration with partners and stakeholders seeks to ensure that the social care workforce of tomorrow, both paid and voluntary, are

  • Rear loading consultation document

    20 December 2017WILLETT, Peter;GREGORY, Laura

    and models of vehicles permitted to be licensed as Hackney Carriages are set by the policy of the consultation will be considered by the Licensing Committee, who set this policy

  • Cheshire West and Chester Inequalities Report 2015

    13 April 2016Julie Ellis;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    and well-established evidence base on policies and actions that can improve inequalities The Council should prioritise policies and interventions that reduce inequalities by

  • Gypsy and Traveller Allocation Policy - Appendix 1

    11 May 2016McILROY, Geraldine;GREGORY, Laura;MOSS, Emma

    The Council does not operate a blanket policy in relation to any category of anti-social behaviour we will not operate a blanket policy, but treat each case on its merits and look

  • Schools Forum Minutes - 12 January 2021

    01 February 2021FENN, Charlotte;MOSS, Emma

    Minutes of Cheshire West and Chester Schools Forum, virtual meeting, on 12 January 2021 subject to approved 8 February 2021 Cabinet Member for Children and Families

  • Local Transport Strategy_v7_web

    03 October 2011Cheshire West and Chester Council;MOSS, Emma

    Integrated Transport Strategy 2011 – 2026 Steve Kent Director of Community and Environment and opportunities alongside a series of policies and suggested actions to deliver our