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  • Public notice - direction confirmation

    18 November 2015Planning Policy;MOSS, Emma council_plans_and_strategies/planning_policy.aspx The Directions will come into force on

  • Retention Schedule 09 - Education and Skills

    03 February 2011AG261Q;MOORE, Greg

    Educational access and any inclusion related projects Activities aimed at ensuring access to education for travellers Destroy – 7 years after closure of project

  • Retention Schedule 21 - Procurement

    03 February 2011AG261Q;MOORE, Greg

    Maintaining a list of approved suppliers to the local authority CWAC retention based on good practice Destroy - 6 years after the term of Documentation relating to tendering policies

  • Housing Allocations Policy

    30 December 2015AN612A;MOSS, Emma

    This allocations policy will replace the existing West Cheshire Homes policy on 1 st October 2013 This policy seeks to make the best use of the social housing available

  • Direct payment consultation questionnaire

    11 July 2018GREGORY, Laura

    Proposed changes to policy The new policy makes a number of changes to current practice 2 Direct Payment Policy ConsultationDirect Payment Policy Consultation 3 Purpose of the

  • Pay Policy Statement

    25 May 2021ptodd;DUTTON, Richard

    as the authority thinks fit”. This Pay Policy Statement sets out the Council’s approach to pay policy in accordance with the requirements of Section 38

  • Draft Allocations Policy

    06 September 2019Draft 2 – July 28th 2019;MOSS, Emma

    draft of the new housing allocation policy for Cheshire West and Chester Council Appendix six: the exclusions policy; an agreed policy for when an applicant may be excluded for

  • ParkingStrategyConsultationExecutiveSummary

    24 November 2016H Jones;GREGORY, Laura

    3 Parking Strategy Recommendations 8 3.1 Strategy Policy Context 8 3.1.1 Cheshire West and Chester Parking Strategy – Overarching Policy Direction8 3.2 Parking Strategy Measures

  • Tarporley Neighbourhood Plan

    22 March 2016Laptop;MOSS, Emma

    5 List of Neighbourhood Plan Policies Economy Policy TE1 - Additional Business Premises and Employment Opportunities Policy TE2 - Protecting Existing Employment

  • Adult Social Care Transport Policy

    22 March 2021Chris Hughes;DUTTON, Richard

    This Transport Policy supersedes the previous Transport Policy 5 2.2 The Transport Policy should also be considered in conjunction with the Council’s following policies