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  • Draft Statement of Licensing Principles

    22 April 2022Nicole Lovell;MOSS, Emma

    with changes to Council plans and priorities as determined within the life of this policy of Principles which sets out the policies that the Council will generally apply to promote

  • Scheme for Financing Schools

    06 August 2021Natalie Cole;MOSS, Emma

    Hospitality and gifts 2. Accounting Policies and Procedures 2.1 Accounting principles Fraud 3. Control of assets 3.1 Control of assets 3.2 Inventory of assets 3.3

  • Air Quality Action Plan Technical Report

    30 January 2020Anna CZERSKA;MOSS, Emma

    are a large number of air quality policy areas that are outside of our influence (such as with regional and central government on policies and issues beyond CWAC’s direct influence

  • Resources Recruitment and Induction

    02 August 2016URQUHART, Rachel;GREGORY, Laura

    The main aims and purpose of the policy and procedure is to provide recruiting managers It is not acceptable to say that a policy is applied uniformly to all groups and is

  • Comparison of convictions policies

    04 August 2021CHALLINOR, Andrew;MOSS, Emma

    New Guidance (period before licence will be issued Offences involving violence against the person NB A licence will not be granted if an Not directly covered in the current policy

  • SuDS - Volume 2 - Council-specific guidance

    18 November 2020Alice Gent;DUTTON, Richard

    8 2.1 Legislation & National Policy Context 8 2.2 Local Planning Policy and Context 12 2.3 Council Policy Context 38 Appendix A Bibliography of National & Local Policy & Legislation