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  • Governance Report 2014 - 2015

    26 August 2015Grant Thornton UK LLP;GREGORY, Laura

    of audit matters 27 Appendices A Action plan B Audit opinion© 2015 Grant Thornton UK LLP planned audit approach, which we communicated to you in our Audit Plan dated 5 March 2015

  • Retention Schedule 06 - Crematoria and Cemeteries

    03 February 2011AG261Q;MOORE, Greg

    Burial Register and plan of plot ownership and occupation Crematorium Register of cremations and plan of ownership of interment of ashes Plan of headstones/shrubs and ownership

  • Safety Partnership Strategic Assessment 2011 - 2012

    23 May 201307$7031;MOORE, Greg;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Created by: David Lea: - Partnership Researcher Safer & Stronger Partnership Plan will have the task of writing a five year strategic plan within a few weeks of election

  • Draft Direct Payments Policy

    18 July 2018BEAUMONT, Damian

    over their services and the care they need to achieve the outcomes on their Support Plan are to be met by the Council must receive a personal budget as part of the support plan

  • Tree Strategy

    19 July 2017Paul;GREGORY, Laura

    to the council, delivery of The Mersey Forest Plan and exploration of new ways to generate helps to achieve the council’s corporate plan, playing its role in helping the borough to

  • Resources Redeployment Policy

    21 April 2011ax228g;MOORE, Greg

    Impact Assessment template Step 1: Screening for relevance Name of a policy / procedure / function / project / decision: Date: Redeployment Policy February 2011 Lead

  • Brexit policy commission minutes - 20181108

    10 December 2018DUTTON, Richard

    Work Plan: Approval of a high-level work programme to discuss areas including; the Local As part of the Work Plan, Members agreed to convene a Public Evidence session in January

  • Governance Report 2013 - 2014

    06 August 2014Grant Thornton UK LLP;MOORE, Greg

    of audit matters 30 Appendices A Action plan B Audit opinion C Letter of representation The medium term financial plan identifies a budget gap of £49m over the three years from

  • Evidence base summary appendix one

    07 November 2014DUTTON, Richard

    Page 1 Appendix 1: Detailed summary of evidence Charts and figures Chart 1: Population and draw in new businesses, supporting the Council’s ambitious plans for economic growth