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  • Governance Report Cheshire Pension Fund 2010 - 2011

    13 October 2011Christine Thompson;MOORE, Greg

    review of the Pension Fund’s Annual Report I plan to issue an audit report to be included I included a number of significant audit risks in my audit plan agreed with you

  • 6 - Chester Characterisation Study Bibliography

    19 December 2012Spatial Planning;MOORE, Greg;DUTTON, Richard

    Pevsner N & Hubbard E (1971), The Guide and Conservation Management Plan with Supporting Information English Heritage, (2001), Conservation Plan – Chester Castle volumes 1 and 2

  • Locality Dashboard Rural

    24 July 2015AW979D;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Usual Resident Population 2013 ONS mid year estimates 1 Fertility (2013 - Live Birth Rate) 4 Source: ONS Note 4: Child Protection Plans are put in place to keep children safe from

  • Schools Forum Minutes 10 February 2020

    14 May 2020FENN, Charlotte;DUTTON, Richard

    Cabinet Member for Children and Families Kate Docherty acted as temporary Chair in the absence of the Chair, Duncan Haworth and Vice-chair, John Freeman Sue Lawson was not sure but

  • Smoking JSNA 2017

    08 January 2018PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Insight and Intelligence December 2017 Contents Why is sexual health a priority What are the key issues locally Who is most at risk 6

  • Labour Market Overview Winsford 2020

    14 January 2020Julie Ellis;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    The following is a labour market review for Winsford and the surrounding areas Its aim is to provide an understanding of the size and quality of the workforce within a reasonable