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  • Adult Obesity Summary

    07 March 2012c-wildgoose;MOORE, Greg;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Being overweight or obese is now the norm amongst adults We estimate that 23% (or 61,500) are obese and at least 37% (99,000) are overweight High levels of unhealthy weight are

  • Empty Homes Strategy 2016 - 2021

    21 February 2017Gary Hull;DUTTON, Richard

    Empty Homes Strategy 2016 - 2021 BUILDING FUTURES OPENING DOORS Working with empty home owners and our partners to reduce the number of empty homes across the borough and help

  • Acorn Profile Frodsham Ward 2019

    12 August 2019MAJOR, Alice;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Acorn draws on a wide range of data sources, both commercial and public sector Open Data and administrative data

  • Schools Forum papers 11 February 2019

    01 February 2019Charlotte Fenn;DUTTON, Richard

    Cheshire West and Chester Schools Forum Refreshments will be available from 4pm also informed that the early years block data had not yet been received and any changes to

  • Acorns Primary consultation document

    03 March 2017GREGORY, Laura

    The Acorns Primary and Nursery School Consultation To Pupils, Parents/Carers, Staff, Governors and Stakeholders 6 March 2017 Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council (the Council

  • Compendium of local house prices

    03 January 2020Jim Uttley;DUTTON, Richard

    Average house prices at borough level Annual average over the full year October - September for nda = no data available (House price to earnings data is not available at ward level

  • Local Investment Plan Brochure 2011 - 2015

    10 July 2012Joanna Barnes;DUTTON, Richard

    Local Investment Plan for Housing 2011-2015 | Cheshire and Warrington 3 Strategic Housing Manager Cheshire East Council Head of Housing Services Warrington Borough Council