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  • Deaths from Suicide Summary

    14 March 2014Jill;MOORE, Greg;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    of suicides in older age groups but provisional data for 2012 suggests that young men are Source: Public Health Outcomes Framework data and ONS ADDE with 2011 MYE

  • Tree Strategy

    19 July 2017Paul;GREGORY, Laura

    Proposed Draft Tree and Woodland Strategy Valuation of current tree stock 22 Cheshire West and Chester - aims and 2 Based on data from Insurance Accounting for period 2009-13

  • Children and Young People Population

    29 November 2016HAMPSON, Jenny;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Produced by Insight and Intelligence, October 2016 Further data are available in our locality dashboard and children’s centre dashboards

  • Homelessness Review 2019

    08 August 2019Gary Hull;MOSS, Emma

    Profile of Cheshire West and Chester uses a wide range of numerical and narrative data to build a comprehensive picture of need 50 2.3 Local housing market trends and data

  • Adult Social Care Survey 2010-2011

    11 January 2012Helen Lockett;MOORE, Greg;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    has been produced in addition to a data return, which all councils with Adult Social Care The data return provided a breakdown of each question with the number of responses

  • Economic summary August 2017

    09 November 2017Julie Ellis;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Cheshire West and Chester in August 2017 Unemployment estimates have remained steady at There are issues with the Claimant Count data in that the coverage of the Universal Credit

  • CYP Perinatal mental health Feb 2017

    13 March 2017WHITEHEAD, Anna;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Anxiety, depression and distress during pregnancy Severe mental illness in the postpartum period What we don’t know but would like to know Management by midwife and/or health visitor

  • Schools Forum Papers 14 January 2020

    10 January 2020Charlotte Fenn;DUTTON, Richard

    Cheshire West and Chester Schools Forum Refreshments will be available from 4pm Notes for members of the public The Council welcomes and encourages you to be at its meetings and

  • Dementia Strategy

    07 October 2016MOSS, Emma

    Visit: Visit: Draft Dementia Strategy In 2014/2015 (the latest data available), there were 2,780 people with a dementia