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  • A3 Consultation Report

    14 October 2016MOSS, Emma

    1 Appendix 3 - Play Strategy consultation report 1. Introduction This appendix provides The Appendix is structured into six main parts:  Stakeholder workshops (borough-wide and

  • Richmond Court Consultation

    01 October 2012MOORE, Greg

    This consultation is about proposals for new services for homeless people to be provided in a number of studies and reports which are available as part of this consultation

  • Schools Forum papers 9 July 2018 – item 2 tabled

    13 July 2018Mike McCann;GREGORY, Laura

    relation to the proposals within the ‘Consultation of High Needs funding requirements for via the ‘High Needs consultation 2018-19’ details individual school concerns and as a

  • Schools Forum Minutes 8 October 2019

    12 December 2019FENN, Charlotte;DUTTON, Richard

    It was noted that a two week consultation would be held during October, subject to formula to be covered by the consultation following consideration by the Schools Forum

  • Council Tax discounts and premiums consultation

    28 July 2017SCONCE, David;GREGORY, Laura

    The results of this consultation will be reported to key decision makers in November 2017 These circumstances are the subject of this consultation and more detail is provided below