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  • Annual apprenticeship return 2017/18

    16 October 2018ab377t;ORCHARD, Phil;DUTTON, Richard

    The information below relates to the agreed criteria as set out in the apprenticeship return and who were a community and controlled school where the Council is the employer

  • Mental Health JSNA LGBT chapter 2018-02-19

    19 February 2018WHITEHEAD, Anna;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    those with a disability, members of a religious community, and members of a “traditional community” such as farmers. • Being LGBT+ is not

  • Service Delivery Equality Objectives Report

    04 April 2012LEE HEYWOOD;MOORE, Greg

    To reduce the impact of poverty and deprivation in the community and improve health Council employees and the management matches the profile of communities of West Cheshire

  • Adult Social Care Transport Policy

    06 August 2020Chris Hughes;DUTTON, Richard

    services and other activities in the community which are part of an individual’s care and adult’s ability to get around in the community safely and consider their ability to use

  • Assets of community value

    14 July 2020WASHBURN, Sophie;DUTTON, Richard

    END OF FULL MORATORIU M PERIOD Norley Parish Council The pub is a community hub for various clubs, classes etc. and used for social events which benefit the local community

  • 20160105-LetsTalkReportFinal-V01

    03 February 2016WILSON, Beverley;MOSS, Emma

    Many also feel that communities would like to get more involved in the future direction of that meets the needs of our diverse communities – Many feel there is an urgent need for

  • Older People aged over 85 Summary

    04 January 2013g-hodgkinson;MOORE, Greg;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    older people are assets within their communities that can help build more resilient and sustainable communities  People with complex multiple conditions