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  • Norley Neighbourhood Plan - made February 2016

    10 February 2016Planning Policy;MOSS, Emma

    We have consulted with the community through open days, interest group meetings and surveys and we believe that this Plan reflects the views of our community

  • Little Stanney timetable

    01 May 2018THWAITE, Andrea;GREGORY, Laura

    Stage Action Dates Stage 1 Community Governance Review Committee meets to agree Terms of Reference Community Governance Review Committee – 14 February 2018 CWAC

  • Community Assets Framework consultation document

    04 December 2017GREGORY, Laura

    the issues and needs of our communities 9 2.4. Community value and the performance of our assets 9 2.5. Community Engagement 9 3. Community Assets It is important that the Council

  • Winsford Formal Sport Study 2014

    06 March 2014Gemma Droughton;MOORE, Greg

    A. Detailed PPS and PPG17 analysis In January 2013 Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) commissioned Neil Allen Associates Ltd to undertake an assessment of need for open space

  • Plane Plan consultation document

    12 July 2019MOSS, Emma

    want, but it helps to create a much greater sense of community and personal responsibility on the rich diversity of the people, communities and assets that make Cheshire West such a

  • Winsford Consultation

    23 September 2016WILLIAMS, Alison \(Education\);MOSS, Emma

    like to expand Winsford High Street Community Primary School to help provide more places by expanding Winsford High Street Community Primary School from the current capacity of

  • Willow Wood Primary consultation document

    14 November 2017GREGORY, Laura

    expand the age range of Willow Wood Community Primary School from 4-11years of age to parents of pupils attending Willow Wood Community Primary School, and believe that this