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  • Adult Social Care Transport Policy

    06 August 2020Chris Hughes;DUTTON, Richard

    services and other activities in the community which are part of an individual’s care and adult’s ability to get around in the community safely and consider their ability to use

  • 2014-2015 Contracts over £5000 - Quarter 4

    29 September 2015Phil Orchard;ORCHARD, Phil

    Care),01/04/2015,31/03/2019,,"£3,000,000.00",,Ladybird Community Care Ltd,Unknown,ITT LIMITED [SKIPTON BUSINESS FINANCE LTD],Unknown,Purchase Order 100126141,,Legal support in

  • Playing Pitch strategy CWAC Assessment Report Sept

    05 February 2016Louise Hunsley;MOSS, Emma

    social and economic beneficial by-products that can be attributed to an active community that can make an important contribution to the health and well-being of communities

  • Asset Management Plan

    04 April 2012BEAUMONT, Damian

    authority against a new agenda of community benefit and improved opportunity. Building on regeneration projects that meet the needs of our communities in difficult economic times

  • A3 Consultation Report

    14 October 2016MOSS, Emma

    time consuming  Apathy from local community  Legalities of use e.g. co-ordination and ideas  Use of school play areas for community use  Involve children and young people at

  • Council Plan 2016-2020

    17 February 2016BEAUMONT, Damian

    helping businesses create a stronger economy, or helping local communities to flourish We need to join forces with people, communities and our partners to make a real difference

  • Tarporley Neighbourhood Plan

    22 March 2016Laptop;MOSS, Emma

    and Services Policy TIFC2 - Community Leisure Facility Policy TIFC3 - Relocation of 1 Rural Community Profile for Tarporley (Parish), ACRE Rural Evidence Report, January 2012

  • Rural Regeneration Strategy and Action Plan

    11 February 2015Cheshire West and Chester Council \(Spatial Planning\);MOORE, Greg

    it/ It sets out the ouncil’s agreed approach to sustaining rural communities, the to affordable living for rural communities; empower and connect rural communities; and