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  • housing-needs-surveys

    28 March 20141251598;DUTTON, Richard

    example is the survey used by the Community Council of Devon, keeping in mind that it was altered to fit local circumstances and the local community profile whereappropriate

  • Final Little Stanney CGR letter for mail merge

    30 April 2018LITTLER, Bev;GREGORY, Laura

    What is a Community Governance Review and comments and ensure that community governance reflects the identities and interests of the communities in the area under review and is

  • Further guidance performance management

    21 April 2011marie.coffey;MOSS, Emma

    This is the 5th in a 2008), Creating Strong, Safe and Prosperous Communities, London HMSO: online at:

  • Assets of community value

    28 January 2020WASHBURN, Sophie;DUTTON, Richard

    ASSETS OF COMMUNITY VALUE - THE COMMUNITY RIGHT TO BID the social needs of the immediate local community and enhancing the sense of community and cohesion in this rural and largely

  • Strategic Commissioning Carers Strategy Assessment

    23 February 2011Laura Melling;MOORE, Greg

    among the Lesbian Gay and Bisexual (LGB) community LGB Lions Pride Body positive as a part working National research Yes Rural communities Access to services and support can be

  • Community Assets Framework feedback form

    04 December 2017GREGORY, Laura

    If you are under 16 you the framework) Principle 1: Supporting Communities: Ensuring our community assets are well managed and support the needs of our communities (pages 10-11) 1a

  • Annual apprenticeship return 2017/18

    16 October 2018ab377t;ORCHARD, Phil;DUTTON, Richard

    The information below relates to the agreed criteria as set out in the apprenticeship return and who were a community and controlled school where the Council is the employer