Starting Well

Starting well contains data and intelligence about children and young people. 

The overview section includes children centre dashboards, childrens centre geographical analysis of need, village of 100 children infographic and our 'quick look' stats. These products contain a wide range of data covering ​demographics, health, education and vulnerable children.

Short summary documents are available on selected topics. These are organised under the themes of population, health and wellbeing, achievement, early support, children with acute needs and young people's issues.​​​​

Children and young people overview data

A 'Quick Look Stats' one page document is available as an overview of the type of data available on children and young people.

​The village of 100 children looks at what the demographics of Cheshire West and Chester would look lif it were a village of 100 children and young people aged 0-24.​

The childrens centre dashboards aim to summarise a number of different types of data, covering key outcomes in health, wellbeing and education, for each of the children’s centres in Cheshire West and Chester.

 Produced in 2016, the childrens centre geographical analysis of need is designed to highlight areas of need within Cheshire West and Chester in order to support decisions on service provision. There is a focus mainly on issues relevant to children under five years of age and their parents.


  A summary of Early Years data is available. This pulls together data from different sources to be used as a quick overview.


Health and wellbeing

Vulnerable children

Children in Care and Care Leavers JSNA (March 2019)

Autism (All ages) (December 2017)

Child sexual exploitation​ (July 2015)

Young offenders​ (May 2015) ​

Children in need (December 2014)

Domestic abuse affecting children and young people (December 2014)

Young people aged 13 to 19 healthy relationships (December 2014)


Achievement and education

Early support

Young people's issues

Young people issues​ (December 2014)

Children and young people consultation

National profiles based on key indicators

Profiles are available from Public Health England that provide a snapshot of data for local authorities, CCG's (if available), and a national and regional comparison. 

Latest documents

Type Title Size
PDF Autism JSNA 581.5 KB
PDF Child Excess Weight 2015-16 (November 2017) 520.7 KB
PDF Child poverty summary December 2016 478.4 KB
PDF Children and young people key stats Dec 2018 116.0 KB
PDF Children and Young People Population 180.6 KB
PDF Children and Young Peoples Mental Health 2016 1.4 MB
PDF Children in Care and Care Leavers JSNA December 2018 680.3 KB
PDF Children Living in Care Consultation 2009 Prospective Recommendations 411.6 KB
PDF Children Living in Care Consultation 2009 The Care System 613.3 KB
PDF Children Living in Care Consultation 2010 Achieving and Employment 367.3 KB
PDF Childrens Centre Dashboard Blacon Grouping May 2018 1.9 MB
PDF Childrens Centre Dashboard Lache Grouping May 2018 1.9 MB
PDF Childrens Centre Dashboard Northwich Grouping May 2018 2.1 MB
PDF Childrens Centre Dashboard Overview November 2018 4.4 MB
PDF Childrens Centre Dashboard Portside Grouping May 2018 1.8 MB
PDF Childrens Centre Dashboard Rural Grouping May 2018 1.9 MB
PDF Childrens Centre Dashboard Stanlaw Grouping May 2018 2.7 MB
PDF Childrens Centre Geographical Analysis of Need 2016 8.7 MB
PDF Consultation on 0-19 year services and childrens centre July 2016 1.8 MB
PDF CYP Breastfeeding December 2014 version ​ 67.8 KB
PDF CYP Child Poverty September 2016 416.3 KB
PDF CYP Children in need December 2014 version 67.1 KB
PDF CYP Conceptions under 18 December 2014 version 92.8 KB
PDF CYP CSE July 2015 version 80.2 KB
PDF CYP Domestic abuse affecting children December 2014 version 68.1 KB
PDF CYP Early years data summary (2017) 440.2 KB
PDF CYP Healthy relationships December 2014 version 68.6 KB
PDF CYP Infant feeding Strategy Group Annual Report 2016-17 930.2 KB
PDF CYP Key stage four narrowing the gap December 2014 version 50.2 KB
PDF CYP Key stage two narrowing the gap December 2014 version 68.0 KB
PDF CYP Lower respiratory tract infections December 2014 version 71.8 KB
PDF CYP NEET December 2014 version 84.8 KB
PDF CYP Oral Health May 2017 56.9 KB
PDF CYP Perinatal mental health Feb 2017 551.4 KB
PDF CYP School attendance December 2014 version 69.9 KB
PDF CYP School readiness December 2014 version 71.3 KB
PDF CYP Self Injury May 2016 551.0 KB
PDF CYP Smoking in pregnancy December 2016 328.6 KB
PDF CYP STIs December 2014 version 48.8 KB
PDF CYP TAF December 2014 version 109.5 KB
PDF CYP Troubled families December 2014 version 69.3 KB
PDF CYP Unintentional and deliberate injuries in children December 2014 version 149.2 KB
PDF CYP Unplanned hospitalisation for asthma, diabetes and epilepsy December 2014 version 101.7 KB
PDF CYP Young people's issues December 2014 version 64.1 KB
PDF CYP Young smokers December 2016 95.5 KB
PDF Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Young People Discussion Groups 2010 243.5 KB
PDF School Dinners Survey 2011 1.1 MB
PDF SEND JSNA August 2018 322.2 KB
PDF Village of 100 children and young people (October 2017) 188.7 KB
PDF Young offenders Cheshire 1.8 MB