Senior Manager Salaries and Responsibilities

Full details of senior managers, job descriptions, salaries, budget and staff are embedded in the spreadsheet in the Zip file.

Salaries above £50,000 but below £150,000

Data shows the number of employees who were paid more than £50,000 but not more than £150,000 per annum. Pay includes salary, travel and subsistence costs, redundancy, and leased car subsidy (where appropriate). It does not include employers pension or national insurance contributions.

Salaries above £50,000

Data shows the numbers of people in each Directorate, and in Schools, whose earnings, (basic pay plus allowances), are above £50,000 in £5,000 bands. The terms and conditions of those who work in non-schools areas are the same as those for the Corporate Management Team. Those in schools have different, nationally set terms and conditions.

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