Social Care Records

​We keep information about our work with people who use our services and about people who provide services. This information is kept in records that may be in writing as a file or on a computerised system.

Information that we keep helps us plan and provide the right service for individuals, helps us to develop future services and for the purposes of carrying out our statutory functions.​​

Who we share records with

​We work as a team with health, education, probation, Police, housing authorities/housing associations and others. In these instances we may need to share relevant information.

Information will only be shared with people and organisations that have clear standards of confidentiality themselves.

We also provide statistical (non-identifiable) information to central government and other agencies, which helps us to improve services for the public.

Information you can't access

​Some information is exempt from disclosure under the Data Protection Act 1998:

  • Records about other people, unless we have their permission.
  • Information received about you from others, unless we get their permission.
  • Information which is considered seriously harmful to you.
  • Records relating to work where legal proceedings are under way.
  • Information held for the purposes of protection or detection of crime, or the apprehension or prosecution of offenders where your request for this information is likely to prejudice either or both of these purposes.
  • Information which is protected by other laws including Adoption Records and records related to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990, separate procedures exist for these records.

Requests for information

​We will need proof of your identity; there is also normally a fee of £10.

Within 40 calendar days of receiving the proof of identity and fee, we will supply you with the information requested. Sometimes we may be unable to give you access to all the information we hold or we may need to ask someone else's permission first. If we cannot share the whole of your record we will discuss the reasons with you.

Any Queries?

If you are not satisfied with how your request is handled you should write in the first instance to the Data Protection Officer.

Phil Orchard
Data Protection Officer
Nicholas Street

Information Commissioner

The Information Commissioner's Office website provides a wealth of information and documents about data protection.

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