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  • Constitution

    01 March 2017ORCHARD, Phil;GREGORY, Laura

    COUNCIL CONSTITUTION Revision Date : Friday, 24 February 2017 Section Foreword (Pages 1 - 2) Defined Terms (Pages 3 - 4) Section A - Your Council 1 A1 - An Overview of Cheshire

  • Local Transport Plan Consultation 2011-2014

    13 February 2015rstrand;MOORE, Greg

    Published by the Research, Intelligence and Consultation Team If you would like further information about this report, please contact the Research, Intelligence and Consultation

  • CYP Smoking in pregnancy December 2016

    12 July 2016PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    to define and progress a Tobacco Control Strategy and Action Plan for Cheshire West and of the local Tobacco Control Strategy • Local Stop Smoking Service – carries out a number

  • Budget Book 2016 - 2017

    04 January 2016DUTTON, Richard

    Budget 2016-17 Visit: Cheshire West & Chester CouncilPage Budgets held on behalf of Services The Council’s Budget Book provides detailed Place Strategy

  • Housing Allocations Questionnaire

    02 November 2016LUKE, Owen;MOSS, Emma

    Needing to move to suitable accommodation Telephone on 0151 356 6410 and ask to speak to the Housing Strategy Team Housing Strategy, Cheshire West and Chester Council, 4 Civic Way

  • Statement of Accounts 2013 - 2014

    10 September 2014C Thomson - Financial Management;MOORE, Greg

    Statement of Accounts 2013-14 Visit: Cheshire West & Chester Council 2013-14 Statement of Accounts Statement of Responsibilities for the Statement of

  • Retention Schedule 11 - Finance

    02 March 2011AG261Q;MOORE, Greg

    Activities relating to internal auditing of the authority Destroy – 7 years after the end of financial year in which the records For longer term planning, see Strategy and planning

  • B3 - Role of Councillors

    16 January 2017Dan;DUTTON, Richard;GREGORY, Laura

    The Constitution Part B - Council – Section B3:- The Role and Attributes of Councillors to the community on council strategies, objectives, policies, services and procedures