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  • E2 - Roles of Scrutiny Members

    01 March 2017Dan;DUTTON, Richard;GREGORY, Laura

    in the assessment creation, development, improvement and refinement of Council policy topics for pre-decision scrutiny, policy development and review, investigative scrutiny

  • Pay Policy Statement

    02 February 2015administrator;MOORE, Greg

    Page 1 of 5 Pay Policy Statement This Pay Policy Statement sets out the Council’s approach to pay policy in accordance with the requirements of Section 38

  • G2 - Officer Code of Conduct

    18 October 2016Your council;DUTTON, Richard

    The Constitution Part G – Appendices - Section G2:- Officer Code of Conduct Updated 14 July 2015 Part G – Appendices Section G2:- Officer Code of Conduct In Part G:- Section G1A

  • Annual Public Health Report 2016

    05 August 2017PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    The report captures a year of work by the Public Health Team working in collaboration with other Teams and Directorates within the Council and in partnership with other agencies

  • Smoking Summary

    03 June 2012A-Stenhouse;MOORE, Greg;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    work is required to ensure that workplace policies across the public sector are adhered to and young people RECOMMENDATIONS FOR COMMISSIONERS & POLICY MAKERS 1. To refresh the

  • Compendium of Health and Wellbeing Statistics 2016

    28 June 2017Hodgkinson Glenn;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Welcome to the fifth Cheshire West and Chester Compendium of Health and Wellbeing Statistics It has been developed to provide a one-stop information source, specially designed for

  • Resources Childcare Vouchers

    08 February 2016URQUHART, Rachel;GREGORY, Laura

    It is not acceptable to say that a policy is applied uniformly to all groups and is needs to be made on whether the policy has a positive, negative or neutral impact, and

  • A2 - Your Council Decisions

    18 October 2016Dan;DUTTON, Richard

    The Constitution PART A - YOUR COUNCIL – Section A2:- Core Objective and Principles of Decision Making Updated 14 July 2015 Part A – Your  The Budget and Policy Framework

  • Proposed Draft Tree and Woodland Strategy questionnaire

    19 July 2017GERRARD, Sarah (Public Health);GREGORY, Laura

    Trees and woodlands in Cheshire West and Chester help to create a quality of place and life that attracts people to live, study, visit and work in the area There is a range of ways