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  • Draft Direct Payments Policy

    18 July 2018BEAUMONT, Damian

    over their services and the care they need to achieve the outcomes on their Support Plan are to be met by the Council must receive a personal budget as part of the support plan

  • Direct payment consultation questionnaire

    07 November 2018GREGORY, Laura

    ensure outcomes identified in the support plan can be met creatively without the reliance this meets individuals needs in the care plan, rather than service users having to submit

  • Parish information sheet Huntington

    30 April 2018Your council;GREGORY, Laura

    2017-18): £21,724 Precept per head 2017/18 (Band D): £17.31 Neighbourhood Plan No Website address: Email address

  • Executive Group Report 2009

    12 February 2015Laura Walton;MOORE, Greg

    the performance status of the council’s Corporate Plan and Directorate Plans up to the end of September 2009. The

  • Home Assistance Policy

    23 April 2018Gary Hull;DUTTON, Richard

    Appendix A – Decent Home Standard 23 Appendix B – Home assistance risk assessment priorities detailed in the THRIVE Outcomes Plan, Housing Strategy and Empty Homes Strategy

  • £500 Spend Quarter 1 to Quarter 4 - 2016/2017

    14 May 20181310119;ORCHARD, Phil

    and Families,AA,Oth Agcy - Respite Care,1603008,Agency Places Respite,07-Jun-2016,01-May-2016,10629792,500.00,128174,3L CARE LIMITED Children and Families,AA,Oth Agcy - Respite

  • £500 Spend Quarter 1 to Quarter 4 - 2014/2015

    14 May 2018ORCHARD, Phil

    ,CB,Repairs + Mtce of Bldgs,3003100,Road 3 Depot,01-Feb-2015,27-Feb-2015,8898776,900.00,MONO ALARM INSTALLATIONS LTD,21077 Places - Localism,CA,Repairs + Mtce of Bldgs,3050047