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  • Labour Market Overview Winsford

    16 May 2016Julie Ellis;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    The following is a labour market review of the Cheshire West and Chester and surrounding reflects an additional 22,000 new dwellings planned for 2010 to 2030 in the Local Plan

  • Tenancy Strategy

    03 April 2014Wendy Murphy;ORCHARD, Phil;DUTTON, Richard

    This tenancy strategy fulfils the requirements of the Localism Act (2011) for local Taken together, the Council’s corporate plan, housing and homelessness strategies set the

  • FOI Requests Quarter 1, 2010 - 2011

    23 April 2015Janet Scanlan;WATERS, Martin;MOORE, Greg

    FOI-Requests-May-2010.csv you tell me whether your council has any plans in place to allow staff to watch matches

  • Schools Forum Papers 11 December 2017

    06 December 2017Charlotte Fenn;DUTTON, Richard

    Notes for members of the public If you plan to attend, please report to the reception desk at the main entrance Schools Forum and finance sub group meeting schedule and forward plan

  • Bostock CGR Terms of Reference Final

    20 August 20181313200;GREGORY, Laura

    In undertaking Community Governance Reviews, the Council is at all times guided by: 1 and the Council (through its Corporate Plan and agenda for locality working) recognise the

  • West Cheshire Homes Allocations Policy January 2017

    05 January 2017AN612A;DUTTON, Richard

    From Revised 3 rd January 2017 Section Two – Who can be housed 3.16 Local lettings plans  Properties let under a Local Lettings Plan, which may give priority to families with older