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  • Annual Monitoring Report 2013

    09 March 2015Gemma Droughton;MOORE, Greg

    It supports the government’s planning reform and decentralisation and aims to make the planning system more responsive to changing economic

  • Constitution

    01 March 2017ORCHARD, Phil;GREGORY, Laura

    Pages 263 - 272) 21 G1B - Member Planning Protocol (Pages 273 - 278) 22 G2 - Officer Code Pages 323 - 336) 24.c Financial Planning (Pages 337 - 354) 24.d Risk Management and

  • FAQ garden quart

    20 October 2016Spatial Planning;MOSS, Emma

    the creation of the C4 use class, planning permission was required for a change of use of that the exercise of PD rights would harm local amenity or the proper planning of the area

  • FOI Requests Quarter 2, 2011 - 2012

    23 April 2015AU821S;WATERS, Martin;MOORE, Greg

    Closed Working Days to Respond 101000059482 Planning Applications Please send to us copies The property is I think No ... The property appears to have been empty for some

  • Housing Land Monitor Sept 2012 update

    20 October 2016MOSS, Emma

    From these lists details of all planning applications that include residential units are of each application is tracked through the planning process until a decision is issued

  • Playing Pitch strategy CWAC Assessment Report Sept

    02 May 2016Louise Hunsley;MOSS, Emma

    One of the core planning principles of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) is to improve  The need to inform the development and implementation of planning policy