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  • FAQs King Street

    20 October 2016Planning Policy;MOSS, Emma

    relating to HMOs will mean that a planning application will be required when a family home that because it is not PD then a planning application must be submitted to the LPA for

  • Article 4 King Street Confirmation

    20 October 2016Planning Policy;MOSS, Emma

    Planning permission will therefore be required for a change of use from Class C3 to Class council_plans_and_strategies/planning_policy.aspx The Directions will come into force on

  • Annual Monitoring Report 2012

    03 June 2013Spatial Planning;MOORE, Greg

    document. It supports the government’s planning reform and decentralisation and aims to make the planning system more responsive to changing economic

  • B5 - Committee Procedure Rules

    16 January 2017Dan;DUTTON, Richard;GREGORY, Laura

    The Constitution Part B - Council - Section B5:- Committee Procedure Rules Last updated Public Speaking at Planning Committees Planning Committee Members’ Call-In Procedure

  • Retention Schedule 17 - Legal

    02 March 2011AG261Q;MOORE, Greg

    on behalf of the council as a Information on planning controls Files relating to a planning obligation or legal agreement made under section 106 Town and County Planning Act 1990

  • G1B - Member Planning Protocol

    05 September 2016Your council;DUTTON, Richard

    Section G1B contains the Member Planning Protocol any such interest clear to the Planning and Strategic Transport Service when submitting the planning application

  • Appendix 3 - Prior Notification Process

    03 March 2016Little Auds;MOSS, Emma

    and early engagement with the Development Planning Department at Cheshire West and Chester the developer must apply to the local planning authority for a determination as to whether

  • Article 4 summary of consultation responses

    20 October 2016Spatial Planning;MOSS, Emma

    the Council's proposal to tighten planning regulations relating to the conversion of as Appendix 2. Many aspects of the planning system have an impact on investor decisions

  • Collective worship guidelines

    01 December 20161646409;DUTTON, Richard

    Collective worship guidelines Cheshire West and Chester SACRE Contents 1. Introduction 2. The law What does the law require (ii) Policy statement for worship 1