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  • Schools Forum Papers 16 January 2017

    13 January 2017Charlotte Fenn;GREGORY, Laura

    If you plan to attend, please report to the reception desk at the main entrance Park High School Schools Forum and finance sub group meeting schedule and forward plan

  • Schools Forum Papers 3 July 2017

    03 July 2017Charlotte Fenn;GREGORY, Laura

    Park High School Schools Forum and finance sub group meeting schedule and forward plan 2016 meeting that the Early Years Finance sub group would put forward recommendations for

  • Governance Report 2014 - 2015

    01 October 2015Grant Thornton UK LLP;GREGORY, Laura

    We have worked closely with the Council's finance team and are pleased to report that in its use of resources have been discussed with the Head of Finance and his finance team

  • Scheme for financing schools

    14 October 2015Natalie Cole;DUTTON, Richard

    7. Banking Arrangements 7.1 Responsibilities of the Finance Service 7.2 Choice of bank and are to the School and Early Years Finance (England) Regulations 2014 made under the Act

  • Governance Report 2013 - 2014

    08 June 2014Grant Thornton UK LLP;MOORE, Greg

    The Audit Findings for Cheshire West and Chester Council Year ended 31 March 2014 Robin Baker Finance staff were available throughout the audit to answer our questions promptly and

  • Partnering Risk Analysis

    19 October 2016Lyn Brown;MOSS, Emma

    Partnering Risk Analysis Risk Assessing Partnerships Risk category Illustrative examples ourselves or a partner may not be able to find the necessary finance to complete a project

  • Make or Buy Review of Services

    05 March 2015MOORE, Greg

    reviewing your services Your views abou ut t h how w your council services e e could b be e d deliv ve ere ed d i in n t th he f t t t t t tu u u u u u u ur r re e f fu u ut