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  • OpenData

    11 May 2015SHARMA, Rajat;MOORE, Greg

    We’ve created an Open Data section to help: Make data we hold available online (unless private or

  • Expenditure over £500

    14 May 2018MOORE, Greg;ORCHARD, Phil

    The datasets shown are based on a a number of exemptions in the data provided, including Payments to specific individuals which may not be disclosed due to the Data Protection Act

  • Locality Dashboard

    19 February 2016MOORE, Greg;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Data tables - giving full access to the data snapshots have also been produced as an overview of key data for each ward Ward snapshots

  • Census 2011 - Parish

    12 October 2016PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    The summary document '2011 Census - data for parishes'​ includes the population for each parish council (as at 2015) and links to further data from the Census 2011

  • Parking Strategy consultation

    26 April 2017GREGORY, Laura

    Data collection report (PDF, 2.41MB) Why we are undertaking this consultation Following for Tattenhall, because the Tattenhall Data Collection and Recommendations Report was

  • Business Rates

    25 May 2016ORCHARD, Phil

    Information on business rates in the of the sheets to remove third party personal data has been applied to comply with data protection legislation Enquires relating to individual

  • Starting Well

    06 October 2017MOORE, Greg;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Starting well contains data and intelligence about children and young people contain a wide range of data covering ​demographics, health, education and vulnerable

  • Senior Manager Salaries and Responsibilities

    25 March 2015MOORE, Greg

    Salaries above £50,000 but below £150,000 Data shows the number of employees who were Salaries above £50,000 Data shows the numbers of people in each Directorate, and in

  • Children's Centre Dashboard

    15 May 2018MOORE, Greg;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    at children's centre level, showing trends and data, along with a short interpretation of overview for each grouping of centres, comparing data to Cheshire West and Chester as a

  • Find out more

    01 May 2015SHARMA, Rajat;MOORE, Greg

    Data Protection Datasets and Statistics Freedom of Information (FOI) Publications