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  • Children and Young People School Improvement Policy

    05 April 2011ax228g;MOORE, Greg

    use teacher assessment information and other data more  effectively to track the progress Regular review of performance data to ensure school improvement policy is having an impact

  • Children and Young People Workforce Strategy

    05 March 2011ax228g;MOORE, Greg

    Prepare staff at all levels to move gaps Action Target date Responsibility Data collection and analysis – Working on National Minimum Data Set for Children’s Social Care Jan 2011

  • Economic summary August 2017

    11 September 2017Julie Ellis;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Cheshire West and Chester in August 2017 Unemployment estimates have remained steady at There are issues with the Claimant Count data in that the coverage of the Universal Credit

  • Growth and Prosperity Resident Involvement

    12 February 2015ax228g;MOORE, Greg

    Equality screening and Full Impact Assessment template Note: Please delete guidance notes specific age groups via the profile data. Alternate Neftra meetings held in the evenings

  • Schools Forum Papers 3 July 2017

    03 July 2017Charlotte Fenn;GREGORY, Laura

    If you plan to attend, please report to the reception desk at the main entrance 2017-2018 School Funding Arrangements – National Data Comparison Natalie Cole page 20-26 6

  • Schools Forum papers 15 January 2018

    01 May 2018Charlotte Fenn;DUTTON, Richard

    was unable to due to the statistical data bringing the data to the meeting but agreed to circulate the information by Natalie Cole referred Forum members to the benchmarking data in

  • Direct payment consultation questionnaire

    07 November 2018GREGORY, Laura

    let’s talk Direct Payment Policy Cheshire West & Chester Council We valued your views from the recent Let’s Talk consultation A Direct Payment is defined as ‘a payment of money

  • Schools Forum Minutes 16 January 2017

    19 April 2017Charlotte Fenn;DUTTON, Richard

    although deprivation had gone up on the census data, the FSM Ever 6 data was lower as it was based on January data; schools receiving Pupil Premium funds needed to