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  • Executive Group Report 2009

    17 February 2010Laura Walton;MOORE, Greg

    Date of meeting: 4 November 2009 Report of: Head of Policy, Performance and Partnerships The data for this indicator is published six months in arrears with the May 2009 result

  • Housing Land Monitor September 2013

    17 December 2013Beth Fletcher;MOSS, Emma

    Housing Land Monitor 1 April 2013 – 30 September 2013 2 1 Introduction 4 2 Methodology 7 3 Development Framework (LDF), provides housing data for the Annual Monitoring Report (AMR

  • Child Excess Weight 2015-16 (November 2017)

    29 November 2017HAMPSON, Jenny;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Produced by Insight and Intelligence, November 2017 Ward level data for the three year period 2013/14 to 2015/16 shows large variation within

  • Schools Forum Minutes 14 January 2019

    02 May 2019FENN, Charlotte;DUTTON, Richard

    Apologies were noted from Paula Adolph, Sue Anderson, David Curry, Greg Foster, Carol also informed that the early years block data had not yet been received and any changes to

  • Statement of Accounts 2012 - 2013

    25 September 2013Christine Thomson;MOORE, Greg

    Cheshire West & Chester Council Visit: Explanatory foreword 3 Statement of Responsibilities for the Statement of Accounts 17 Annual Governance

  • Governance Report Cheshire Pension Fund 2010 - 2011

    13 October 2011Christine Thompson;MOORE, Greg

    Cheshire Pension Fund Audit 2010/11 It includes the messages arising from my audit of your financial statements Audit opinion and financial statements Once a small number of

  • Adult Social Care and Health Local Account

    30 January 2012BEAUMONT, Damian

    Local Account 2010-11 Adult Social Care & Health Cheshire West & Chester CouncilWhat is a Local Account It sets out the priorities that have been created with customers, carers and