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  • Comberbach Primary consultation - stage two

    19 April 2017Wiles, Jane - ELS SSP;GREGORY, Laura

    Consultation An informal pre-consultation was carried out by the Council during the 2017 This period of formal consultation will run from 20 April 2017 to 17 May 2017 Any person

  • Employment Land Study Executive Summary 2013

    09 March 2015site map;MOORE, Greg

    involving primary research and consultation with key stakeholders (agents, developers asawhole has a good portfolio ofemployment land and premises. Ithas astrong and active

  • 20160201 - Final Draft Statement of Reasons LDO

    03 March 2016am853w;MOSS, Emma

    LOCAL DEVELOPMENT ORDER & STATEMENT OF REASONS This document constitutes a draft Local presented in Section 3. The draft Order is the subject of a period of public consultation

  • AnnualMonitoringReport2014

    10 June 2015Planning Policy;MOSS, Emma

    Annual Monitoring Report 2014 2 1 Introduction 3 Spatialportrait 7 LocalDevelopmentScheme 9 Neighbourhoodplanning 10 Dutytoco-operate 11 2 Monitoringframework 12

  • Malpas Primary consultation document stage two

    02 July 2018GREGORY, Laura

    All responses to the informal consultation and any representations received will be summarising the responses received during the consultation period will be submitted to the

  • Acresfield consultation document

    10 October 2018GREGORY, Laura

    Increase in Age Range Consultation All responses to the informal consultation and any representations received during the formal consultation will be considered by the

  • PH wellbeing consultation and questionnaire web

    22 March 2017GREGORY, Laura

    02 Public Health Wellbeing Services Consultation This important consultation is taking place because we Please take the time to engage in this consultation and have your say

  • Elton Library consultation report

    26 October 2016Julie Ellis;GREGORY, Laura

    Elton Library Centre is located in a community centre in the village The consultation ran from 8 February 2016 to 4 April 2016, and this report summarises the Consultation Results