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  • G4 - 06 FCPRSE - ContractProcedureRules

    03 January 2017JONES, Mike A;DUTTON, Richard;GREGORY, Laura

    The Constitution Part G – Appendices - Section G4E:- Finance and Contract Procedure Rules by the Director of Governance in consultation with the Director of Commercial Management

  • - Borough Environment Profile Census 2011

    05 January 2014Research, Intelligence and Consultation Team - Cheshire West and Chester Council;MOORE, Greg;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Intelligence and Consultation Team: Council If you would like a copy in any of these formats, please email us at The full range of 2011 Census

  • Schools Forum Papers 16 January 2017

    13 January 2017Charlotte Fenn;GREGORY, Laura

    If you plan to attend, please report to the reception desk at the main entrance 8. 6.10 Education Funding: Stage 2 Consultations Paul Plested Page 44-52 9. 6.20 Any

  • Localities No Cold Calling Zones Assessment

    13 February 2015Rob Jones;MOORE, Greg

    Main aims, purpose and outcomes and how does it fit There is consultation with householders who have formed part of the consultation process prior to the implementation of the zone

  • Sustainable Community Strategy 2010 - 2026

    06 April 2010MOORE, Greg

    Through our local strategic partnership: West this has been an extensive consultation programme undertaken jointly with consultation on the Local Development Framework Core

  • Social Work Health Check Survey 2015

    24 November 2015ad661a;HUGHES, Amy

    by the Research, Intelligence and Consultation Team (Part of Strategic Intelligence Your contributions are instrumental in shaping the service and informing developments to ensure

  • letstalk_full

    17 October 2016MOSS, Emma

    The results of this consultation will be published on our website in February 2016 so that 8 123, and if you quote ‘Let’s Talk consultation’ you can let us know your thoughts and

  • Equality Profile 2010 Disabled Community

    01 December 2016MOORE, Greg;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    The Reports The reports were prepared by the Research, Intelligence and Consultation Team reports please contact: Research, Intelligence & Consultation Manager – Beverley Wilson