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  • Ellesmere Port Locality Area Framework

    06 February 2016MOSS, Emma

    of quality audit results 6.0 Consultation 17-18 7.0 Prioritisation of play space and youth provision  Summary of quality issues (Ethos Audit)  Summary of consultation

  • G4 - 02 FCPRSA - Financial Management

    24 May 2017KEELEY, Jennie;DUTTON, Richard;GREGORY, Laura

    The Constitution Part G – Appendices - Section G4A:-Finance and Contract Procedure Rules – Financial Management Updated 18 May 2017 Part G – Appendices A2.2 In accordance with the

  • Housing Strategy 2014 - 2020

    06 May 2017Mr System Administrator;MOSS, Emma;DUTTON, Richard

    48 Appendix 5: Summary of consultation responses Welcome to our new Housing Strategy for it has been shaped through consultation with stakeholders and key partners including local

  • Cultural Services report

    03 November 2016Julie Ellis;MOSS, Emma

    The analysis from this consultation showed support for the majority of the services to Council embarked on this latest wide-ranging consultation and we’d like to thank everyone

  • Strategic Housing Market Assessment July 2013

    06 May 2017Mr System Administrator;DUTTON, Richard

    Final Report for Cheshire West and Chester Council arc 4 Cheshire West and Chester 2013 SHMA 2 House prices and rates of change Estate agent views on housing market dynamics

  • Local Transport Plan Summary_v7_web

    10 March 2011Cheshire West and Chester Council;MOSS, Emma

    Summary 2011 – 2026 Steve Kent Director of Community and Environment Cheshire West and Consultation exercises have also helped us to understand the overall level of support for

  • Collection of Council Tax Code of Practice

    17 October 2016MOORE, Greg;BEAUMONT, Damian

    Appendix A Collection of council tax code of practice 1. Introduction 1.1 This document covers the collection of unpaid council tax in respect of Cheshire West and Chester

  • Annual Report 2015-2016

    03 October 2016BEAUMONT, Damian

    The plan was developed through extensive consultation with these communities The consultation used a variety of methods, including an online budget simulator, focus

  • Tenancy Strategy

    04 March 2014Wendy Murphy;ORCHARD, Phil;DUTTON, Richard

    The strategy has been subject to consultation as required in the legislation A summary of the consultation undertaken, comments and responses, is available upon