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  • Cultural Services report

    11 March 2016Julie Ellis;MOSS, Emma

    The analysis from this consultation showed support for the majority of the services to Council embarked on this latest wide-ranging consultation and we’d like to thank everyone

  • Personal Budgets Key Findings

    11 February 2011ap302u;MOORE, Greg;PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    Contact: Helen Pickin Phone: 01244 977148 Email: Key Findings A personal budget is the amount of social care funding to meet personalised

  • Schools Forum Papers 3 July 2017

    29 June 2017Charlotte Fenn;GREGORY, Laura

    7 Education funding: Stage two Consultations Councillor Meardon reported that a campaign 3 Education Funding: Stage two Consultations David Charlton introduced the item and

  • Contracts2012-2013

    29 September 2015Phil Orchard;ORCHARD, Phil


  • Draft Homelessness Strategy

    08 August 2019Gary Hull;MOSS, Emma

    The definition of homelessness is ‘the state of having no home be living on the streets to This strategy has been developed in consultation with key partners following a review of

  • Statement of Accounts 2010 - 2011

    12 October 2011Christine Thomson;MOORE, Greg

    Explanatory Foreword Statement of Responsibilities for the Statement of Accounts Annual Governance Statement Independent auditors report to members of Cheshire West

  • Debt Recovery Code of Practice

    10 November 2015aq822k;MOORE, Greg;BEAUMONT, Damian

    This code of practice will ensure that any use of recovery is consistent and complies with best practice and the relevant legislation for the different types of debt

  • Environment Profile Newton Ward

    02 May 2014Research, Intelligence and Consultation Team - Cheshire West and Chester Council;MOORE, Greg

    Intelligence and Consultation Team: Council If you would like a copy in any of these formats, please email us at The full range of 2011 Census