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  • Willow Wood Primary consultation document

    14 November 2017GREGORY, Laura

    expand the age range of Willow Wood Community Primary School from 4-11years of age to parents of pupils attending Willow Wood Community Primary School, and believe that this

  • Housing Local Investment Plan Consultation Draft

    07 June 2011NLA;MOORE, Greg

    roads and rail access, affordable housing, new schools and associated community facilities a more prosperous locality but to also locate that prosperity within cohesive communities

  • Community Assets Framework consultation document

    04 December 2017GREGORY, Laura

    the issues and needs of our communities 9 2.4. Community value and the performance of our assets 9 2.5. Community Engagement 9 3. Community Assets It is important that the Council

  • Adult Social Care Business Plan

    05 March 2012Laura Walton;MOORE, Greg

    to providing high quality personalised and community based support from a diverse range of the community, families, carers and friends are essential to the work we do with each

  • CWAC Play Strategy FINAL

    14 October 2016MOSS, Emma

    population projections 27 6 Review of community engagement 28 6.1 Stakeholder workshops 28 in all cases to fully embrace community consultation, providing sufficient flexibility to

  • Hate Crime Strategy 2016 - 2019

    07 January 2016DUTTON, Richard;BEAUMONT, Damian

    Hate Crime is a key priority for the Community Safety Partnership in West Cheshire of a variety of partners and affected community groups - we have identified a number of

  • Collective worship guidelines

    01 December 20161646409;DUTTON, Richard

    each pupil in attendance at a community, foundation or voluntary school shall on each and followed by members of a specific faith community - staff and a parent/guardian of a

  • 20160517-CanalQuestionnaireFINALwebVersion-v07

    08 March 2016Jeyaraman;MOSS, Emma

    The Proposed Chester Canal Conservation Area Its special character is derived from its historic origins and character today It is unique for being one of the earliest broad beam