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  • Local Transport Plan Consultation 2011-2014

    15 April 2011rstrand;MOORE, Greg

    Published by the Research, Intelligence and Consultation Team Residents could take part in the There was strong agreement that local communities should have more of a say about how

  • Children and Young People Family Strategy

    03 May 2011ax228g;MOORE, Greg

    Equality screening and Full Impact Assessment template Name of a policy / procedure / function / project: Family Strategy Date: 7 th September 2010 Carried out by: Sue Murray

  • CYP STIs December 2014 version

    21 June 2016PICKIN-JONES, Helen

    The most common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) diagnosed Community focused STI screening services - Access to STI screening in communities is an important focus of service

  • Houses in Multiple Occupation Article 4 FAQs

    05 July 2012Gemma Droughton;MOORE, Greg

    National advice from the Department for Communities and Local Government is that Article 4 and public notices inviting representations will be displayed within the community

  • Exec Summary Adult A for publication

    05 May 2015mcgilvrays;MOSS, Emma

    review, which was commissioned by Cheshire West and Chester Community Safety Partnership same house within a small and close knit community since their marriage 45 years before

  • Recruitment Code of Practice

    24 March 2015Gateway Pre-installed User;MOORE, Greg

    reflect the composition of the wider local community and where decisions are made on the vital to its successful operation and the community rightly expects our procedures to be

  • Housing Land Supply Consultation Responses

    04 December 2012AW884E;MOORE, Greg

    Consultation on Interim Housing Planning Policy Statement Summary of responses Generally supportive of the proposals; endorsed are the proposals for smaller developments and staged

  • 30 Hours Parent Questionnaire

    24 January 2017WHITE, Nicola (Childrens);GREGORY, Laura

    be run by employers, private companies, community/voluntary group or the Local Authority This service is often run by a community/voluntary group, parents themselves, or privately